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Rent Car Elafonissi

Maybe the best place in Crete you have to rent a car to get to, is the absolutely stunning Elafonissi, Chania, the tropical beach on the southwest of Crete that is voted by visitors year after year as one of the best beaches in Europe and the world.

Elafonissi lies in a distance of 75 kilometers from Chania city, and the best way to get there is by hiring a car. The road to Elafonissi is in good condition, but winding (and also scenic) on the west side of the island.

Rent a car to Elafonissi, Crete: Enjoy the stunning beach you will remember for a lifetime.

Elafonissi is not the typical Mediterranean beach. The beach and the whole area around it makes you feel like you have traveled to a faraway tropical island. The shallow, crystal-clear water is complemented by the characteristic pink sand of the beach, created by the reddish seashells that abound the area.

You can leave your rented car in the big parking in front of the beach. In the area around the parking, and of the beach in general, you will see scattered cedar trees. Be careful not to touch any of them, and certainly not cut any branches of these age-old trees, as they are environmentally protected by law. Generally, the whole area of Elafonissi has been declared an area of outstanding natural beauty and is environmentally protected by the Natura 2000 EU Program.

On the opposite side of the beach is the picturesque Elafonissi islet. You can easily get to the islet on foot, as the water between the beach and the islet is pretty shallow, forming a picture-perfect freshwater lagoon.

Although there are not any buildings around the beach, you don’t have to drive with your hired car around Elafonissi to look for water or ¬†something to eat. On the beach there are canteens selling water, refreshments, drinks and snacks, and there are also some sun beds and parasols to protect yourself from the hot summer sun.

Elafonissi is a magical beach, a place that seems to have come out of fairy tales. And if you rent your car from Mars Car Rental, you will have the peace of mind that your own fairy tale on the beach will be as beautiful as possible.